Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hey Ballard! Circus Tracks is here!

Sunday the Circus Tracks cast headed to the Ballard Sunday Market to juggle, pass out flyers and generally be a spectacle! Megan Ahiers brought her balloon making stuff and as we were leaving got mobbed by kids wanting balloons. One kid was freaking out about wanting a hummingbird balloon and Megan was forced to give the kid a hummingbird dressed as a dog, (since dogs and giraffes are all she knows how to make) so she could get out of there alive.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dewey- A Rehearsal Story in Pictures

We took promo photos at rehearsal on Sunday and had Christine Longe in the trunk for some of them. We moved on to some other pictures and she was out cold in the trunk. We moved the camera and lighting and everything back to her and it was not until we could not help cracking up that she actually woke up.
Our cast is working hard man, they need their naps!

Photo by Nik Perleros

Circus Tracks by Sarah Hammond
At Live Girls June 6-28