Monday, May 12, 2008

Circus Tracks is noisy - but in that good way.

I'm sitting here in Circus Tracks rehearsal posting pictures as the cast works out a song for the show. They're using a washboard, a dog clicker, a box of buttons, a banjo, a tiny auto-harp, and a couple of other strange things that were never meant for music. There's always some sort of extraneous sound here - if it's not an instrument (or other music maker), it's laughter. It's really a shame we don't get along better. :)

We're steadily figuring this show out - and it is AWESOME. We have so much fun working on it that I can't imagine it could ever be bad. Then there's that whole thing where it's an awesome script with just the right people... and I'm gushing, but I do really love it here.

Pictured: Alex as Blind Lou, with just a couple of her instruments.


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