Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hey Ballard! Circus Tracks is here!

Sunday the Circus Tracks cast headed to the Ballard Sunday Market to juggle, pass out flyers and generally be a spectacle! Megan Ahiers brought her balloon making stuff and as we were leaving got mobbed by kids wanting balloons. One kid was freaking out about wanting a hummingbird balloon and Megan was forced to give the kid a hummingbird dressed as a dog, (since dogs and giraffes are all she knows how to make) so she could get out of there alive.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dewey- A Rehearsal Story in Pictures

We took promo photos at rehearsal on Sunday and had Christine Longe in the trunk for some of them. We moved on to some other pictures and she was out cold in the trunk. We moved the camera and lighting and everything back to her and it was not until we could not help cracking up that she actually woke up.
Our cast is working hard man, they need their naps!

Photo by Nik Perleros

Circus Tracks by Sarah Hammond
At Live Girls June 6-28

Monday, May 12, 2008

Circus Tracks is noisy - but in that good way.

I'm sitting here in Circus Tracks rehearsal posting pictures as the cast works out a song for the show. They're using a washboard, a dog clicker, a box of buttons, a banjo, a tiny auto-harp, and a couple of other strange things that were never meant for music. There's always some sort of extraneous sound here - if it's not an instrument (or other music maker), it's laughter. It's really a shame we don't get along better. :)

We're steadily figuring this show out - and it is AWESOME. We have so much fun working on it that I can't imagine it could ever be bad. Then there's that whole thing where it's an awesome script with just the right people... and I'm gushing, but I do really love it here.

Pictured: Alex as Blind Lou, with just a couple of her instruments.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How's this for a tease?

Our buddy Nik Perleros took some very fun press photos for Quickies the other day. The photos are not stills from the show but mashups of characters from the peices.
Here is one to wet your appetite featuring actors from The Hardy Boys (Justin Emerick and Jason Harbor) and Apricot Supernovas (Lisa Confehr).
Check out more of Nick's work at

Monday, April 28, 2008


Howdy LG friends! The 2008 season is off to a rip roarin' start with a fantastic Bakery Spring Reading series. The plays were great and the audience was super generous and thoughtful with their feedback. I hope to add another reading series soon, it is a great way to fuel future seasons.
And I had a blast at the at the Cowgirl Cabaret. That is me down there in my hosty getup.
I had a great time hosting with my trusty steed Buttercup and singing the Bon Jovi classic "Wanted Dead or Alive" with my "bandmate" Backslash (aka Brian Neel)

After that I jumped into directing Circus Tracks and producing Quickies at the same time so I am just now getting to the blogging thing. I am excited to have our new blog up and running though, so send up you comments and pictures and ideas for what you would love to hear more about on our blog! See you soon at Quickies opening May 2nd!

Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 is looking good!

It's coming! We have most of our year planned and ready to launch and will be announcing soon.
Look to this space for updates about what the Live Girls! company members are working on.
We will also be sharing our stories about working on shows as well and interesting and exciting events and ideas that have us buzzing.

Come on back and chat!